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Practical methods combining neuroscience & 5,000 years of Korean energy teachings
Our videos combine over 360 practical energy methods, and each one is based on a 5,000-year-old Korean healing practice that works your three innate powers—Physical Power, Heart Power, and Brain Power.
Manage your energy and take charge of your health and well-being.
A Proven Method of Boosting Your Internal Energy
Water Up Fire Down: Cool head, Warm abdomen
“Water Up Fire Down,” means having a cool head and warm abdomen. Stress can throw this natural balance upside down and make your head hot with your abdomen, hands, and feet being cold, which invites disease. Our exercises are are designed to get your energy to be in water up fire down, which combats illnesses and keeps your body healthy and flowing.
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Your Three Powers are a reflection of where your energy is and how you’re using it. Find out where you’re strong in and what powers need your help.
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Ilchi Lee
Ilchi Lee is a mind-body expert and New York Times bestselling author. He is a teacher of ancient Korean energy healing practices, which he modernized with neuroscience to create a new study called Brain Education. Lee’s teachings are about mastering your energy and using your brain to manifest the life you want. His vision is to bring health and happiness to yourself, others, and the world by changing your energy.
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Positive transformations for body, mind and soul
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Introducing Body & Brain Flow Yoga
By Linda Yoonjin
Sat, Jun. 23, 1:00-2:00PM EDT
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